Despite an iconic and well-loved campaign platform (Got Milk?) that ran for nearly two decades, per capita milk consumption had been steadily on the decline due to changing consumer behaviors, new competitors vying for share of stomach, and the overall decreasing relevancy of milk. MilkPEP asked WINS to help lay the strategic foundations for a new campaign to help stem the consumption decline, and pave the way for milk to once again win share of stomach in a field full of new food and beverage options.

Utilizing advanced quantitative behavioral segmentation techniques driven by the Political Model, as well as both quantitative and qualitative concept exploration, WINS identified the critical need to win at the breakfast occasion, and surfaced a core protein message that would be a central focus of the new campaign.

Target profiling helped the client’s agency bring high-value segments to life via a new campaign and platform. And the channel insights WINS provided formed the nucleus of a new media approach and go-to-market strategy for milk.

WINS’ research and strategic roadmap helped MilkPEP stakeholders make a bullet-proof case for bringing about a “sea change” with regards to their marketing strategy.

In 2013, the Protein Fight Club campaign debuted – built directly from these insights. The campaign utilized humor and wit to position milk head-to-head on protein content against competitive breakfast foods and beverages. It drew significant media attention (the first departure from Got Milk? in decades), and most importantly business results. Marketing Mix Analyses conducted in 2014 indicated that Protein Fight Club drove a +13.1 incremental gallon per dollar advertising efficiency compared to the previous campaign’s message and media buy. Over the course of a full year, Protein Fight Club was projected to have driven 4MM additional gallons of milk consumption compared to the previous campaign, with a similar media spend.

WINS is currently helping MilkPEP to sharpen their measurement and metrics approach to better monitor changes in the consumer landscape, and continues to serve as consultants for brand strategy and for the development of the organization’s long term strategic plan.